What is Hozi:picture?

Creating interactive product images

Hozi:picture is about creating all sorts of interactive pictures to engage viewers. We call this kind of animation hozi. Our interactive pictures can be used as especially creative product pictures in ecommerce. By enabling ecommerce shops to make their product photography touchable online, we help them to sell more.

Known from

How to create

With our web app everyone can create touch pictures.

Hozi creator in action

Creating your own hozi is easy as pie.

First, take a picture stack. Second, upload the photos and place interaction and animation zones. Finally, embed the touch picture and enjoy the magic. With hozi:picture every online shop feels like a retail store.

Hozi is created for emotional shopping on touch devices.

Your benefits


Hozi activates the online shopper. Reading the decription is good. Exploring the product with interactive product photography is better.


Learning by doing. Costumers remember the product and even the shop much better.


Hozi creates the feeling of touching the product. Costumers are more confident about it.


Hozi triggers the endowment effect. Appreciation for the good is generated.


Hozi reduces the price sensibility of the costumer. Touch it. Love it. Buy it.

Beta test

Try out our hozi creator web app.Start creating interactive touch images. Participate


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